Organic Hair Color
The most advanced, natural color system in the world today, this ammonia-free hair color is used throughout Europe. This is a major breakthrough in hair color and available at Bellezza.
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We are Hiring

 We are looking for an assistant. Priceless education offered, busy atmosphere & lots of opportunity to grow!

Please come in to fill out application if interested. 

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We represent a highly educated team of talent, whose focus is to provide you with impeccable service, consistent quality and outstanding product selection.
If you have taken a liking to NYC salons and wish to have the same level of service and style, then try Bellezza Salon & Spa, not only will we meet your expectations, we will strive to exceed them. Our NJ salon and spa are conveniently located in Warren, New Jersey, half an hour outside of New York City.With this in mind, it is with complete confidence that we guarantee all products and services in our salon & spa.

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