Diana Pacelli

  • Waxing Specialist
  • Hours:

    Tue: 11AM-6PM
    Wed: 12PM-4PM
    Thu: 10AM-8PM
    Fri: 10AM-6PM
    Sat: 9AM-4PM


    Diana has been offering waxing services since 1995. Her services include face and full body waxing including Brazilian bikini. She does not double dip, offering the most sanitary service. She also provides eyebrow design by tweezing or waxing and eyelash and eyebrow tinting as well.


    Eyebrow $16
    Eyebrow Tweezing $17
    Lip/Chin/Cheeks $12 per area
    Full Face $48
    Underarms $20
    Half Arm $32
    Full Arm $40
    Hands/Feet $15
    Back $65
    Chest $55
    Bikini $27
    Extended Bikini $40
    brazilian $55
    Full Leg $57
    Full Leg & Bikini $70
    Half Leg Upper $40
    Half Leg Lower $36
    Half Leg & Bikini $60
    Half Leg & Brazilian $80
    Full Leg & Brazilian $90
    Eyebrow Tinting $20
    Eyelash Tinting $30
    Eyebrow & Eyelash Combo $40

    *Tinting for best results please arrive without eye makeup
    *Wax Specialist uses an antimicrobial wax and does not double dip

    *please let us know if you are using Retin-A or Acutane. Wax for sensitive skin is available at an extra charge. For best results, hair should be at least 3/8" long

    *All prices are starting price and subject to change please consult the stylist for specific prices